Jackson receives his new home!

Posted by admin on January 31, 2013 in News

Jacksons House Jackson Reveal11 CroppedSamantha’s House is proud to announce the receipt of its 5th house. Jackson and Amy Miller formally received their new home on January 25th, 2013. Check out the photos and the list of sponsors who made this all possible.

Jacksons House Kitchen2

This 5th home was created with the love and care of a host of people, from Pyatt Builders,
who handled all of the key construction,

Jacksons House Master Bedroom2

to the IIDA (International Interior Design Assocation),
who worked tirelessly to insure all of the inside decor was just perfect.

Jacksons House Office2

Wider halls, handicap accessible rooms and special lifting devices make for a more workable environment for Jackson to live and grow.

Jacksons House Jackson Livingroom reveal6

As always, none of this can happen without the help of a myriad of caring and generous people. It is impossible to thank the donors and volunteers enough for their efforts.

Jacksons House Jackson Playroom20

The home-coming welcome that Jackson and Amy received, kicks off a new chapter in their lives.

Jacksons House Jackson Playroom18

Samantha’s House and all of its partners once again are proud to have written the forward to this new book, giving another Indiana family a slight bit more of independence.


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