About Gabby

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    by creating living conditions for people’s unique needs

Gabrielle’s life started uneventfully. Her mother would actually recall that it was her easiest pregnancy. Although the family had already experienced loss through the death of their first daughter, there was no indication of what was about to happen four months into Gabby’s young life.

As Mike & Penny were out to dinner, the babysitter called to let them know that something seemed wrong with Gabrielle. When they arrived home, they found Gabrielle in the arms of babysitter, crying; but with very good color. An ambulance was called and during the ride to the hospital, seizures began, which eventually necessitated that Gabby be placed in a medically-induced coma.

Doctors were baffled by her condition, but eventually diagnosed her with a seemingly rare Mitochondrial Disease. Life expectancy was set at anywhere from a few weeks and months to maybe under a year. Later the prognosis was extended to 2-5 years, then 5-10 years, and then Doctors became unclear about her long-term future.

With the help of Samanthas House an amazing one-story house was built, giving her the space she needed to thrive. Gabby attended a special needs school until she finally succumbed to the illness in June of 2015. During her years in the house that was built, she was a joy for her parents, siblings, family, friends and any others that she comes in contact with.

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